Types of video poker

Nowadays, the newer video poker machines may use variations of the basic five-card draw. These are some of the typical variations: Deuces Wild (where a two can serve as a wild card and a jackpot is paid for four Deuces or a Natural Royal), Pay Schedule Modification (where four aces with a five or smaller kicker pays an enhanced amount), and Multi-play Poker (where the player starts with a base hand of five cards, and each additional played hand draws from a different set of cards with the base hand removed).

In the games that do not have a wild card, a player who plays an average of five or six hundred hands per hour may receive the rare four-of-a-kind approximately once per hour, while a player may play for many days or weeks before receiving an extremely rare Royal Flush.

Full Pay Games

When a video poker machine offers a certain pay schedule, players that have a very good strategy can get 100% payback over a sufficiently long period of play. These machines are referred to as “full pay” machines. Casinos place full pay machines alongside other machines that have pay schedules that offer a negative return, so the player has to identify which video poker machines offer the full pay schedules.

Most full pay machines have a configuration that makes it full pay only when you have bet the maximum amount of credits.

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