How Slots Started

The Slots are simple and fun. It’s the easiest casino game you can play, and either you play it online or in a real casino, they have a wide variety of games.

Conventional Slots and Online machine Slots are a hobby that keep their promise to entertain the player.

It’s not a coincidence that most of the casino is occupied by Slots. There’s a good reason for it: millions of coins enter the Slots around the world every year. These machines are very popular and make a big part of the casino gainings: around 60% or 65% of the total.

Since the first machine was created, at the end of the XIX century, Slots have evolved a lot and, nowadays, there are several varieties.

The original machine, “Liberty Bell”, was built in 1896 by German mechanic Charles Fey in his workshop in San Francisco (California, USA). It was made of iron and it had three gyratory reels that worked mechanically, a crack for coins and a handle to activate the machine. The reels with the figures (in those times were “Liberty Bells” and card suits: diamonds, clubs, spades and hearts), spun quickly for a few seconds and then it indicated the winning combination. Getting three bells had the highest profit, a total amount of fifty cents or ten nickels.

Fey was very successful with his Slots that soon became very popular and were installed in bars, play rooms and stores. The first machine still exists and it’s part of the Liberty-Bell-Saloon collection in Reno, Nevada.

During the decade of the 30’s, Slots started to proliferate in United States. Finally, in the late 40’s, Bugsy Siege incorporated these machines in his Flamingo Hilton Hotel, in Las Vegas.

Nowadays, Slots are played all around the world and you can say a casino is not complete without Slots.

Slots’ technology has experienced many changes throughout the years. The original games were replaced, with time, by electronic Slots, directed by a computer, with graphics, sounds, colors, lights, with several games and ways to bet. The casinos also offer other advantages: they have connected the machines with each other to get a small percentage of each game and put it in “Accumulated Pots”. If no one wins the accumulated pot in a considerable amount of time, a huge amount of money can be accumulated and, even though the probabilities of winning are small, the player could gain a lot of money. These accumulated pots also helped increase the game’s popularity.

Nowadays, most players play Slots. There was a time, in the 70’s, when these games weren’t consider games of chance. They were mainly installed to entertain the big Blackjack or Poker gamblers’ wives, since a respected gambler wouldn’t be seen seated in front of one of those machines. Afterwards, when they became more popular, they supplanted the regular games.

In the 80’s, the Slots’ success had equal the table games and a decade later, thanks to the technological improvements, they became two thirds of the casino’s gainings in the United States. 

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