Features Imperative To Online Slots

Online Slots Games

Online slot machines are known for their wide variety of games. They are fun and rewarding too. There’s nothing to dislike about these games. But the reason these online slots stand out is because of their top-tier features. We will be discussing some of them below.


The majority of the online casinos provide progressive jackpot slots. Here, the jackpot is usually put together by users across several casinos. It allows you to garner huge winnings. Whenever you play online slots, you will come across various jackpot types. These consist of local jackpots, progressive jackpots, network jackpots, and fixed jackpots. The top winnings come from progressive jackpots, allowing you to reach huge winning amounts. You will come to know more about it from cq9 too. Cq9 is an interactive provider for live casino software (HTML5).

Bonus Games

The bonus games are known for bringing that additional secret twist to all your top favorite slots. You will end up spinning symbols in certain cases, which trigger an additional round or even a new mode of gameplay. Here, for instance, you may trigger a bonus round with the correct symbols, which ends up multiplying your win. It may also offer you free spins up to a certain amount for adding to your total.

Colossal Symbols

Whenever a colossal symbol flies past you within the reel, you will start to notice that they are quite bigger compared to your regular slot symbol. The colossal symbol tends to occupy a bigger space within the reel. It can even take up 4×4, 2×2, or 3×3 amount of space sometimes. It boosts your winning chances on that spin.

Cluster Symbols

With cluster symbols, the rule is all about togetherness. These symbols tend to join up whenever you are lining them up right next to one another in a slot, regardless of where they are present in the reels. You possess 100s of additional ways to win whenever you spin with these symbols.

Wild Symbols

A Wild Symbol is very powerful and can turn the game upside down. It can easily replace other symbols that are in play. Wild symbols can easily line up combos, which you wouldn’t have received otherwise. Also, when you line up your symbols within the reels, the wild symbols can end up triggering their special rounds or allow other symbols to work hand-in-hand for setting wins.

Scatters Symbols

With scatter symbols, you will receive payout winnings regardless of where you land in the reels. It makes the game exciting because you will have many potential wins in the game. Also, when you combine it with other symbols, you will get to enjoy huge wins.

Stacked Symbols

Stacked symbols consist of the symbols present on the slot reels and on top of each other. They tend to take up a whole reel sometimes when you play. It increases the possibility you possess of lining up symbols that are similar across the reels. Here, if you successfully manage in filling up numerous reels using the symbols, it will be possible to activate as much payline available within the slot.

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