Tips for Slots

Slots on the Internet has prepared for you a list with the most important tips in order for you to win at a Slot machine:

– Don’t think this game is more difficult than it really is. The Slots’ model is what actually changes, but under the appearance they are all the same and they work the same way: insert a coin and pull the handle. Don’t get intimidated with the new machines that every year come out with lights, colors, weird sounds and names… they are the same they used to be but with a new appearance.

– Don’t waste time trying to figure these machines out. The winning combinations are random and impossible to guess. For that reason, you can say strategies don’t really work and when it comes to play, the only thing you have to think of is having fun.

– Before you start playing, set a time limit or a maximum amount of money. Once you’ve reached one of them, leave.

– By playing the 3 reel slots you’ll have more chances of winning a considerable prize.

– Pay attention to the payment percentages and always play in the ones with 95% of payment or more. These machine usually have a minimum bet higher than the others. Also read the information about the payment routine the machine you are playing in has.

– Play in the same machine for short periods of time. The longer you stay in the same Slot, the bigger the chances of the casino to win. Don’t play in the same machine all night. Even if you play in the same Slot for a very long period of time, the machine is not obliged to give you any prize for it. If you are not having any luck in a certain machine, change.

– If you can’t afford the machine you like, pick another one. There’s usually several similar machines with different game values. Don’t spend more than your pocket allows you to.

– If you are having a good streak, bet bigger amounts of money, don’t do it if you are having a bad streak.

– Play in the Slots you know well. Don’t play in a machine if you don’t know the instructions or if you don’t know how to play and win.

– All Slots have important information written on them, like the maximum prize, how much every symbol pays, etc. Make sure you read and understand it before you play.

– The amount of money you bet has nothing to do with the possibilities of winning you have.

– Pay attention to the Slots with frequent pays. The casinos usually put them close to the entrance to call attention. The places you should avoid are close to the registers, close to the buffet, in the middle of a long line of machines, in an away corner. The players in those areas are not good publicity for the casino, so they usually don’t pay much.

– To win money playing Slots on the Internet make sure the sites have legal license and at least one section describing the prizes and the payment possibilities.

– Last, there’s no right or wrong way to gamble… Slots are a game of chance and so it’s all up to your luck! 

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