Everything You Need To Know About Online Toto: Beginner-Friendly


Technology is ever-growing, and its effects can be seen in several dimensions. Among such, technology has played a key role in gambling as well, in the form of online casinos. Online casinos have made it super easy for gamers to gamble from their homes without visiting a brick-and-mortar casino. Not only that, but online casinos have also introduced a variety of gambling games that are extremely fun and entertaining. Togel or Toto is one such game that is not only fun but can also help you tons of money if you hit the winning numbers.

Togel and Toto games are all about numbers. To know more about how Toto online game works, just read on!

What is Toto?

Toto is a form of lottery game that is legal in Singapore. Toto games are known by other names in different countries like lotto games, togel, and so on. However, all in all, Toto is simply a lottery that is sold legally in Singapore, under the Singapore Pools (legal lottery operator in the country).

You can either play Toto games online or on-land in Singapore. You can buy Toto lottery tickets from any of the Singapore Pools counters that are in the country. Or, you may also visit the online Singapore Pools website to purchase virtual Toto tickets.

How to play Toto?

Playing Toto is simple. Here, you’ll have to pick a minimum of six numbers from 1-49. You basically have to predict the number that you think will appear on the result day.

If you have three or more numbers on your purchased ticket that matches the winning numbers, you are qualified for a cash prize. Additionally, the more numbers from your tickets match the winning numbers, the more money you can win.

Four Ways To Place Bets in Toto:

Toto game offers you four ways to place your bets. These are as follows.

  • System Bet – In this method, you have to pick 7-12 numbers from 1-49 and mark these on a bet slip.
  • Ordinary Bet – You can select six numbers from 1-49.
  • Quick Pick – Here, the computer will randomly generate six numbers from 1-49. You don’t require a bet slip for placing bets through Quick Pick.
  • System Roll – Here, you can select five numbers from 1-49. And you also get an additional 6th number which is a 100% guaranteed winning number.

What is the best way of placing bets for beginners?

If you are just starting out with Toto online, we recommend you to start low. Don’t go for the higher bets at first. Instead, try to get familiar with the game, learn some strategies, and perfect your skills first. Once you have practiced enough with small bets, you can gradually move on to higher bets and hopefully hit the jackpot.

For beginners, the Ordinary Entry is the best way of placing bets on Toto. That’s because Ordinary Entry is straightforward, basic, and hassle-free. The only drawback is that it does not offer any extra features that can increase your winning chances.

Nevertheless, you can start with Ordinary Entry, then move on to other ways of placing bets once you have gained enough experience.

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