Ancestors of the Roulette

The most known ancestor of the Roulette is the Wheel of Fortune invoked by the goliardos, nomadic poets of the Middle Ages. Closer in time, Roulette’s origin, the Gaming by excellence, goes back to France in the XVII century, invented by Pascal. The mathematic genius gave origin, without knowing it, to one of the most prosperous industries in the present.

After some time, the Blanc brothers, owners of the Hamburgo Casino in Germany, were the first to introduce the Roulette called European, different from all the others because it’s the only one that includes the 0. Twenty years later, the already multimillionaire Francois Blanc took the Roulette to the place that would become its temple: the Montecarlo Casino.

The different Casino games have developed several myths around them, mostly false and, of course, superstitions the players attach to in search of at least a smile from the Fortune Goddess.

We invite you to go over some of the beliefs that were heard in Casino’s hallways and tables. For example, it’s said that the sequence of right guesses leads you to believe that it’s all about doubling the bet. That’s not true. The streaks of guesses longer than ten are infrequent. You have to know when to leave, even though very few times you do know when it’s time.

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